Alexander Wang

*flips hair*
*flips hair*

I share mommy’s penchant for designer purses. I love snuggling inside her purses. It just feels so cozy. She hates it because I get fur all over, but what can she do, I always find a way to wiggle my way in.

When news broke that Nicholas Ghesquiere had left Balenciaga, my jaw dropped. I knew he would be able to find a new job in a blink of an eye (Hello, creative director at Louis Vuitton) but my heart was heavy with the news.

Too fancy for you.
Too fancy for you.

Anyway, with that news came even more shocking news: Alexander Wang was taking over at Balenciaga. Everyone in the fashion world was  skeptical about this 31-year-old newcomer. I’ve been out of the loop with how things are going over at Balenciaga, but recently I came across another headline regarding A. W.

He’s now designing furniture for Poltrona Frau.

Those bean bag chairs...ahhh....
Those bean bag chairs…ahhh….

I really want the bean bag chair in leather! It also comes in velvet. And there’s a trunk bar in the collection.

That bean bag…is it worth $8,800?

How much dog food can $8,800 get me?

To eat…or to lounge in designer furniture?

Can someone start a fund for me?

Gosh, my profile is perfect.
Gosh, my profile is perfect.



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