Cheers to the Weekend

Up to no good!
Up to no good!

I really hope the snow melts away and my humans can finally take me to the dog park again. They’re tried, but I’m really fussy about the snow. I will not move a muscle if it is anywhere around me.

Mommy hasn’t said anything about what we’re doing this weekend. I think it will mostly be spent staying in.

I really wish they take me to grandma’s so I can play with my cousin Mikasa.

If that doesn’t happen, there’s always cooking to look forward to…and the crumbs daddy leaves behind on the floor. We do have an unspoken pact he’ll always drop something for me, but mommy doesn’t know so I have to play it cool. I can’t be hovering around the kitchen, otherwise mommy will find out for sure!

Toronto is cold, cold cold. It’s sunny out but the wind is a killer.

Stay warm, my friends. Drink some hot chocolate, as humans are ought to do.

As for my canine friends, the quest to acquire treats continues!

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TBT: Training School

Waiting patiently for my treat.
Waiting patiently for my treat.

After I got my clean bill of health from the vets, mommy took me to obedience school.

We went to this place called When Hounds Fly in Little Portugal and while I was really nervous at first, I was raring to go by the second week.

Highly recommended!

There were 4 other dogs, one small like me, and the others…BIG, BIG dogs.

One of the bigger dogs’ human was feeding them steak for treats! I was so jealous, but mommy wasn’t buying it. I had to stick to cut up carrots instead.

I was very intrigued about the whole premise of doing tricks and listening in exchange for treats.

I was a pro at it!

I was able to learn how to sit, stay, lay down, heel and walk right beside my humans when we’re walking.

I have to say I haven’t really listened to them whenever they tell me to stay. There’s way too many exciting things going on and hey, I don’t see them holding a treat for me!

Hmmm…maybe it’s time to start doing it again? Is that a good strategy? How can I get treats again?

If only I were able to really fly…I’d fly onto the counter and eat…EVERYTHING!

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Kate! Leslie! Melissa! Kristen! That’s Who! Don’t count on me because while I have a mean bark, ghosts spook me! Check it out, my friends. The Ghostbusters movie is getting remade with an all-female cast.

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Bell Let’s Talk


My parents are avid supporters of mental health initiatives and so am I! I’ve been told that I make humans’ frowns turn into smiles. I love having this effect on people, I truly do. When mommy’s feeling down, I can tell immediately, and I try my very best to make her laugh.

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk day. Bell is a mobile network provider, and even though both mommy and daddy are with Rogers, they are really glad that they can support this program. You see, for every tweet (#BellLetsTalk) you send, Bell will donate 5 cents to their mental health initiatives. You can also go to their Facebook page and share the campaign image. If you are a  Bell customer, it’s even easier as every text and call you make counts!


Do you have a story? Tell me. Let’s end the stigma!

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Sookie Cooks: Granola Bars

Second week of Sookie Cooks!
Second week of Sookie Cooks!

The weekend proved to be quite hectic for all three of us. I was supposed to help out with lunch on Saturday, but lunch was spent instead at a garage because daddy’s car got a flat tire. That’s another story in itself! And on Sunday, I was dropped off at grandma’s because my humans needed to trek out to London.

I’m not complaining about that. I mean, sure, I would have liked to come with them but apparently there would be lots of people there and I would just be stressed by all the attention. So, I stayed with grandma instead, but I love hanging out with her because she feeds me food that mommy doesn’t. Also, I got to play with my cousin Mikasa. She’s a little troublemaker. I need to put her in her place! She needs a good role model as she’s growing up.

Anyway, so no lovely food was made, but mommy did let me help her make granola bars last night. She got this recipe from Oh She Glows when she was looking for recipes that didn’t use peanut butter as the base to keep everything stuck together. This recipe uses bananas instead. How cool is that? Cool because I got to eat some bananas! Mommy’s the worst when it comes to dropping food on the ground when she’s cooking because she almost NEVER drops any! So I’ve learnt to not be underfoot in the kitchen because it’s useless. Daddy’s a different story though. Whenever he cooks in the kitchen, I basically get a second dinner from all the crumbs he drops on the floor.

Granola bars gettin' made, yo!
Granola bars gettin’ made, yo!

The awesome thing about this recipe is you can customize it according to your liking. Mommy doesn’t like dried cherries, so she used raisins instead. She also used 2 bananas instead of 3 because it’s just mommy and daddy who will be eating these yummy granola bars.

Okay, honestly, I think they are boring food. Daddy raves about them, but I don’t know…it just looks so boring to me. If mommy made a treat that’s all banana, I can get on board.


But…because mommy really likes these granola bars, I spent 22 minutes sitting in the kitchen, guarding them from daddy who have been known to gobble up food if it’s left on the counter.

I succeeded in my mission – delaying daddy’s antics until this morning.

Oh well! They are meant to be eaten after all.

As for me, give me bananas (and bully sticks, and steak, and yogurt) and I am one happy puppy.

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Sookie the Fashionista: UNIQLO

Can't touch this.
Can’t touch this.

It’s been a long time coming, my furry friends (both with canine and human inclinations), but UNIQLO is coming to Toronto!

*does the happy lion dance*

MUJI just moved in at the Atrium last November and now we’re getting another popular Japanese brand, UNIQLO. I’m super excited even though we have to wait almost 2 years until their expected arrival in Fall 2016. They will be settling in at the Eaton Centre and at Yorkdale Mall.

I live two blocks away from the Eaton Centre and even though I’ve actually never set foot in there, I’m glad for mommy and daddy who both love the brand.

Okay, SUPERDRY, the pressure is on you now!

Does anybody know if the brands mentioned above sell doggie clothes? I could use some minimalist outfits right now. Mommy has the WORST taste in canine fashion.

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