TBT: Allergic Reaction

Fat Face Sookie
Fat Face Sookie

#TBT to that time last year when I got a reaction from a Rabies shot along with a DHPP vaccine.

Yup, my whole face swelled up and as you can see in the picture, I did not look pretty.

Mommy was freaking out, but honestly, I was just mildly annoyed I couldn’t go out for a walk looking like I got stung by bees.

The vet convinced mommy to let them give me 2 shots at once and well, nobody was expecting an allergic reaction.

It only lasted for a few hours though!
It only lasted for a few hours though!

I can’t believe I’m putting the photos up on here, but it would be good for canines and their humans to know that an allergic reaction can occur when more than one vaccine is administered in the same visit.

If this happens to you, make sure that your human is looking out for breathing difficulties, because a swollen face means that the airway could be blocked.

Stay safe, my friends!

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TBT: Training School

Waiting patiently for my treat.
Waiting patiently for my treat.

After I got my clean bill of health from the vets, mommy took me to obedience school.

We went to this place called When Hounds Fly in Little Portugal and while I was really nervous at first, I was raring to go by the second week.

Highly recommended!

There were 4 other dogs, one small like me, and the others…BIG, BIG dogs.

One of the bigger dogs’ human was feeding them steak for treats! I was so jealous, but mommy wasn’t buying it. I had to stick to cut up carrots instead.

I was very intrigued about the whole premise of doing tricks and listening in exchange for treats.

I was a pro at it!

I was able to learn how to sit, stay, lay down, heel and walk right beside my humans when we’re walking.

I have to say I haven’t really listened to them whenever they tell me to stay. There’s way too many exciting things going on and hey, I don’t see them holding a treat for me!

Hmmm…maybe it’s time to start doing it again? Is that a good strategy? How can I get treats again?

If only I were able to really fly…I’d fly onto the counter and eat…EVERYTHING!

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TBT: Bath Time

Look at Puppy Me. How embarrassing!
Look at Puppy Me. How embarrassing!

One of my great qualities is my¬†tolerance to baths. I say it’s a great quality, because most Chihuahuas are quite averse to getting wet. I don’t know how other breeds react to getting baths, but mommy’s had another Chihuahua before and she told me she wasn’t the biggest fan of bath time.

The first time mommy gave me a bath, I have to admit I was a little bit cautious. God knows what could happen to my shiny fur if it got wet. I’ve spent way too much time grooming myself to let something as trivial as water to ruin everything.

Well,¬†I was pretty silly for being nervous because, get this, the whole purpose of the bath was so that my fur would remain fluffy and shiny. This totally blew my mind and I eased into being rubbed down by mommy’s gentle fingers. She used Pet Head shampoo, which she assured me was one of the best products out there. We’re using a different shampoo now, but I’ll have to get back to you because I don’t remember the name.

Anyhow, the event went without too much difficulty, except when it was time for drying up and I shook little droplets of water all over mommy. Heh. It was her fault for wearing nice clothes while bathing me. But she definitely learnt her lesson!

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TBT: Tobermory

Georgian Bay Waters
Georgian Bay Waters

About two years ago, mommy took me to a cottage in Tobermory. It was around May or so – it was still a little bit nippy and we were basically the only tourists in the town.

I really enjoyed the weekend there and mommy even got me a scrap of fur that she turned into a puppy blanket. It was really warm, but it didn’t last long because obviously it was too good not to be peed on. Hey, what can I say? I have needs.

This year, I really hope to travel more in Ontario. Mommy and Daddy went to New Brunswick last summer but they didn’t bring me with them, so hopefully staying in the same province will increase the likelihood that I’ll get to travel with them.

Are there any good spots in Ontario that you know that’s suitable for a couple with a very cute dog in tow?

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TBT: Stairs

Natural Born Athlete
Natural Born Athlete

Let me take you back many, many moons ago – let’s say about three years’ worth of moons.

I was but a wee baby when mommy adopted me. She took me home to her apartment. After I was given a clean bill of health by the very friendly local vet, I was allowed to finally visit with mommy’s friends and family.

One of her friends lived in a bungalow and upon entry to their house; I was surprised by a small set of stairs. Mommy looked at me and beamed – she knew it was an easy challenge for me.

Well, I wouldn’t say I disappointed her, but I did take my time to scale those steps – all six of them!

But that was three years ago, and now I am a Stair Master, a Master Climber, an Expert Scaler.

Give me stairs and I will run circles around you. Give me steps and you’ll be panting way before I’d need a second to rest.

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TBT: Summer Haircut

Fresh out of the salon.
Fresh out of the salon.

Oh, look at me sitting all pretty. This was my summer haircut last year. I really enjoyed being trimmed down in the summer because I look well groomed and someone even told me I looked like a miniature fox.

I’m not a winter baby at all and I’m counting down the days until I can go out in my bikini again and not have to worry about the disgusting Toronto slush ruining my pawdicure.

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