Happy CNY!

My mug's all you need to prosper! :)
My mug’s all you need to prosper! ๐Ÿ™‚

In homage to my mommy’s childhood in Hong Kong, I wish you allย a prosperous new year ahead! Happy Year of the Ram 2015!

Mommy told me what she misses most about Chinese New Year in Hong Kong as a student was, well, having a few days off from school, and all the red packets filled with money that she got! She still gets them from time to time here in Toronto, but she definitely misses all the fun and celebrations back in HK.

Do you know what your Chinese Zodiac is?

Both mommy and I are rabbits, and daddy is a snake.

Go on over here to find out what yours is.

2015 is the year of the ram (or the sheep, or the goat).

So here’s a little cheat sheet for you little rammies to make the most out of year 2015:

  • Lucky numbers: 3, 4 and 9 (if you win the lottery, Iย get 30% cut – but be careful with money this year!)
  • Lucky colours: red, green and purple (purple is my favourite colour!)

And for those who are looking for love, you will find the best matches in the horse, rabbit, and pig. Whoa, would you look at that! I’m a rabbit! Come holla when you’ve won the lottery! ๐Ÿ˜€

And just for good measure, my little rammies, here are your fellow ram celebrities:

  • Bruce Willis
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Julia Roberts
  • Chow Yun-Fat

Now, back to my glutinous rice cake…

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Penguin Sweaters

Cuteness Overload
Cuteness Overload (Phillip Island Nature Parks)

The oldest man in Australia is a knitter. He knits sweaters for the penguins affected by the oil spills in the Southeastern coast of the country.

Did you know that the sweaters prevent the cute birds from preening themselves and ingesting the oil – and of course, sweaters are notoriously known for providing warmth.

When I read this headline, I immediately thought about my great-grandma (daddy’s grandma).

She is the funniest person I know and even though I’ve only been at her house once (she lives far away), she was really nice to me and I loved it when she was petting me.

Daddy told me that like the man from Australia, she also knits! She doesn’t knit sweaters for penguins, but she knits lots and lots and lots of hats! She ships them off to Ukraine so that the homeless are warm in the winter. I think she’s knitted over 1,000 hats already, which is an insane amount, if you ask me!

My humans don’t know how to knit, although I hope they start learning soon so they can knit sweaters for me. I know that’s really selfish of me, but I just want to show off their skills to the world.

I am really proud of my great-grandma and also the Australian man because they are helping out by using their knitting skills! One day, I hope to become a therapy dog and help out as well.

If we take a break from our busy lives and help others, penguins will no longer be hurt and people will no longer be cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

We can do it!

Oma's Homeless Hats
Oma’s Homeless Hats
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Happy Valentines Day

xoxo, Sookie
xoxo, Sookie

Here I am surrounded by roses, wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

I got 6 bully sticks and of course, the roses, from mommy and daddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daddy is making dinner and mommy is dancing to motown. I think she needs to improve her dancing, but that’s why I’m here to teach her!

Remember, it’s not about the flowers, or the chocolate, or the bully sticks…this day is all about…pampering your partner and making sure they are happy! And, uh, all about love, duh.

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Gaga for the Grammys

Okay, that title is a little bit misleading. Honestly, I didn’t even watch the awards show, I just checked my social media feed to find out who the winners are.

I was busy dogsitting my cousin Mikasa and babysitting my mommy who had a headache and grumpy mood, which she called a “hangover”.

Anyway, I’m really glad that St. Vincent won an award. I was a little bit disappointed to see that her lavender hair was now blonde though. I’ve been begging my humans to send me to the spaw to get a dye job, but they just look at me funny whenever I bring it up.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners. Click on this link to check out who the winners are.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on my famous friends and I. You know. Just hangin’ out. No biggie.

Photo from www.grammy.com
Photo from http://www.grammy.com

My friend Pharrell has excellent balance. He did not drop me at all. Also, his ears really smelled wonderful.

Photo from www.grammy.com
Photo from http://www.grammy.com

Fierce just like Madona.

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Responsible Sookie

On Saturday, Auntie Inah, Uncle Jimmy, and Auntie Abby came over to visit. I was really excited to see them again after 100 long years, or was it only a month?

Anyway, unbeknownst to my cute self, Auntie Inah also brought my cousin, Mikasa.

You know, I’m a reasonable doggie. I just need some sort of notice that I will be babysitting a toddler, and I’ll totally be down for it. Just a little heads up, you know?

I'm watching you, kid.
I’m watching you, kid.

But of course, the humans decided to go get “hammered” (what does that even mean?) because their friend is celebrating his 25th birthday at a bar, and subsequently just dumped Mikasa on me.

That coat is adorable though.
That coat is adorable though.

Okay, I know, I know, she’s cute, and my entire family runs on the cuteness genes, but sometimes she can so annoying.

Being the older one, I really should have been more understanding, but I really did get my work cut out for me!

Mikasa’s infractions:

  • She drank from MY water bowl.
  • She kept jumping up on the coffee table.
  • She pooped on my favourite rug.
  • She stole all the attention away from me!
Way too close for comfort, my little cousin.
Way too close for comfort, my little cousin.

Well, you know it wasn’t that bad. She is my cousin after all and I need to look out for her. I just can’t wait until she leaves puppyhood and gains a bit of sense to her. But then again, after puppyhood, it’s the teenage years and that’s just as bad!

Behave, Mikasa. Behave.
Behave, Mikasa. Behave.

Whew. My house is nice and quiet again, and I get to have mommy and daddy all to myself.

It was a lot of hard work, but I did a great job!

Next time Mikasa is over, I will definitely be better equipped to handle her and her shenanigans.

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Fire Alarm Frenzy

A chihuahua has no business being outside in negative 20 weather!
A chihuahua has no business being outside in negative 20 weather!

What a conundrum!

Mommy and daddy were in a middle of a game of cribbage (mommy was winning, for the inquiring minds out there) when all of a sudden, loud and piercing beeps came out of the ceiling.

I froze for a second. I remembered hearing the same thing at mommy’s old place. It was loud and it hurt my ears. We had to get out of the apartment in the cold and I didn’t know what was happening.

The beeps continued and I panicked so I started barking. Loud.

Mommy and daddy looked at each other and decided it would be the best decision to get their coats and go downstairs to find out what was happening.

They put a coat on me as well. I was shaking. I was scared. I was cold.

When we got downstairs there were big, big trucks with sirens and bright lights.

Mommy told me not to worry, and that the fire alarm was triggered, and we’re not even sure if there’s a real fire or not.

You know, I really try to be a brave dog, but all that time I just couldn’t stop shaking.

It seemed like we were waiting outside for a long time before the men in the funny yellow hats told everyone that there was no fire and that it was safe to go back in.

So it was a false alarm!

But I will never forget it. I’m just glad it happened when everyone was in the apartment. Can you imagine if it had just been me? Or just mommy? Or just daddy? I would be so scared!

I really hope it doesn’t happen again!

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