Sookie the Beauty Queen: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Review

Resident Beauty Advisor
Resident Beauty Advisor

I’m dipping my paws in the water and testing this out.

Listen up, it’s my first beauty review.

The guinea pig for this debut is the Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh.

Photo from
Photo from

Mommy’s tried Berry and Cherry, and while she raves about it…me, not so much.

Here’s why.


Okay, okay, no need to raise your voice. Before I defend the mark I gave this lip balm, let me explain why mommy gave it a B+.

What mommy loves about Sugar:

  • SPF 15
  • Tinted
  • Smells good
  • Creamy texture
  • Actually moisturizing

What she hates:

  • The $26 price tag

She said she would have given it an A+ but it’s so darn expensive. And because it has such a creamy texture, you can use up the tube pretty quickly.

Now this is where I enter.

This would have failed my strict tests if not for the fact that mommy absolutely loves it.

I hate it because:

  • It smells funny
  • It tastes really, really gross

Whenever I tried to kiss my human while she’s wearing this lip balm, I could immediately tell she has it on. The taste is just so godawful. How can anyone even bear to put that stuff on their lips? It’s beyond me. I don’t care if it gives mommy’s lips some colour so she doesn’t have to wear lipstick, but man, the folks over at Fresh must have put something in it to make it so repulsive. Mommy said it doesn’t taste like anything, but I firmly disagree.

So, Sugar, you’re lucky mommy loves you so much, otherwise you would have been rejected by the renowned beauty queen, yours truly.


3 thoughts on “Sookie the Beauty Queen: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Review

  1. My sister Eggnog, the littlest furry beast, asked me to thank you for this review. She hopes our moms never buy this lip balm, though in all fairness she says she’s never fond of any lip balm they wear because they’re all stinky. I wonder if Eggnog’s ever smelled her own breath?


  2. I don’t give kisses anymore. But I do receive them. The peepstress wouldn’t kiss me with yukky stuff on Her lips. I get enough of Her hand moisturizer all over me when She loves on me. That’s enough. I’m with you. Yuk.

    ArOOOO! Stuart


  3. $26! That money is better spent on bully sticks for you! I don’t blame you for not liking Fresh. I hope my mom won’t be trying it! It’s bad enough she uses some cherry-smelling stuff.


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