Penguin Sweaters

Cuteness Overload
Cuteness Overload (Phillip Island Nature Parks)

The oldest man in Australia is a knitter. He knits sweaters for the penguins affected by the oil spills in the Southeastern coast of the country.

Did you know that the sweaters prevent the cute birds from preening themselves and ingesting the oil – and of course, sweaters are notoriously known for providing warmth.

When I read this headline, I immediately thought about my great-grandma (daddy’s grandma).

She is the funniest person I know and even though I’ve only been at her house once (she lives far away), she was really nice to me and I loved it when she was petting me.

Daddy told me that like the man from Australia, she also knits! She doesn’t knit sweaters for penguins, but she knits lots and lots and lots of hats! She ships them off to Ukraine so that the homeless are warm in the winter. I think she’s knitted over 1,000 hats already, which is an insane amount, if you ask me!

My humans don’t know how to knit, although I hope they start learning soon so they can knit sweaters for me. I know that’s really selfish of me, but I just want to show off their skills to the world.

I am really proud of my great-grandma and also the Australian man because they are helping out by using their knitting skills! One day, I hope to become a therapy dog and help out as well.

If we take a break from our busy lives and help others, penguins will no longer be hurt and people will no longer be cold. 🙂

We can do it!

Oma's Homeless Hats
Oma’s Homeless Hats
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Sookie Cooks: Valentines Day Dinner

I’m really glad my humans decided to have dinner at home for Valentines Day. Last year they went to Niagara Falls and didn’t bring me with them. I mean, yeah, I still had an awesome time at my grandma’s, but that weekend really felt like forever.

I’m not going to blab on and on about the dinner that daddy cooked. Just look at the photos. (Hover over for descriptions.)

Oh, daddy got mad at me for licking the saffron that fell on the ground while he was cooking. He got mad for no reason because those weird red strings really didn’t taste like anything. Can you believe daddy didn’t drop anything else on the ground? I was pretty upset, because the humans took their sweet time eating before feeding me. Apparently, it’s for “training” purposes and I’m not supposed to eat before they are finished with their dinner. Whatever. So mean. Especially on Valentines Day.

If you are interested in any of the dishes above, let me know, I can go bug daddy.

PS, I hope daddy’s not reading my blog because mommy TOTALLY snuck a piece of duck under the table for me. I love her so much!

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Dear Sookie: Does Age Matter?

Well Sookie, if you change your mind about “BFF’ing” a cat, I’m available! I have lots of woofie buddies who visit my blog and some of them I’d consider to be BFFs…. As for needing advice, I’m wondering is it appropriate for me at age 15 to be dating a girl cat who’s only TWO? […]

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Happy Valentines Day

xoxo, Sookie
xoxo, Sookie

Here I am surrounded by roses, wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

I got 6 bully sticks and of course, the roses, from mommy and daddy. 🙂

Daddy is making dinner and mommy is dancing to motown. I think she needs to improve her dancing, but that’s why I’m here to teach her!

Remember, it’s not about the flowers, or the chocolate, or the bully sticks…this day is all about…pampering your partner and making sure they are happy! And, uh, all about love, duh.

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Introducing: Guess The Movie

So, it’s Friday the Thirteenth tomorrow, which humans have told me may or may not be an “ominous” day. Whatever that means. All I know is that it’s basically the weekend and I get mommy and daddy all to myself. It’s extra special this weekend because Monday is a holiday here in Toronto. So, in honour of Friday the Thirteenth, which I think is actually a pretty good day since it’s full of good news about the coming weekend, I’m inviting you to play a little game with me: Guess the Movie. I’m a budding movie star, and while the roles I play in movies are pretty much just cameos, I still consider them as airtime. I’ve been in a lot of popular movies this way, actually. So, for the first one, look at the picture below and guess which movie I was in. You probably missed it because my scene really only lasted a quick nanosecond.

Don’t worry, they used a green screen!
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TBT: Allergic Reaction

Fat Face Sookie
Fat Face Sookie

#TBT to that time last year when I got a reaction from a Rabies shot along with a DHPP vaccine.

Yup, my whole face swelled up and as you can see in the picture, I did not look pretty.

Mommy was freaking out, but honestly, I was just mildly annoyed I couldn’t go out for a walk looking like I got stung by bees.

The vet convinced mommy to let them give me 2 shots at once and well, nobody was expecting an allergic reaction.

It only lasted for a few hours though!
It only lasted for a few hours though!

I can’t believe I’m putting the photos up on here, but it would be good for canines and their humans to know that an allergic reaction can occur when more than one vaccine is administered in the same visit.

If this happens to you, make sure that your human is looking out for breathing difficulties, because a swollen face means that the airway could be blocked.

Stay safe, my friends!

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