Dear Sookie: Does Age Matter?

Well Sookie, if you change your mind about “BFF’ing” a cat, I’m available! I have lots of woofie buddies who visit my blog and some of them I’d consider to be BFFs…. As for needing advice, I’m wondering is it appropriate for me at age 15 to be dating a girl cat who’s only TWO? Maybe it’s a little too young?? I don’t want to have anyone laughing at us at the upcoming Valentine’s Dance we’re attending…..thoughts?

Your Possible New BFF, Sammy

Dear Sammy,

Oh, lordy, I don’t even know where to begin. First off, my advice might come a day too late regarding the Valentine’s Dance, but it should be applicable to any other dances or activities that may come up for you and your lady cat friend.

Personally, I prefer to date cuties who are in the same range as I am, but that shouldn’t stop you from casting your line a lot farther out.

Now, I asked daddy to do some research about when a kitten is considered an adult cat, and according to his findings, it’s anywhere upwards of 1 year old.

So, there you go, as long as they’re over a year old, you’re pretty safe from judgy stares from the other cats, although I’m pretty sure the older cats are super jealous of you dating a hot, young jetsetter.

xoxo, Sookie


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