Introducing: Guess The Movie

So, it’s Friday the Thirteenth tomorrow, which humans have told me may or may not be an “ominous” day. Whatever that means. All I know is that it’s basically the weekend and I get mommy and daddy all to myself. It’s extra special this weekend because Monday is a holiday here in Toronto. So, in honour of Friday the Thirteenth, which I think is actually a pretty good day since it’s full of good news about the coming weekend, I’m inviting you to play a little game with me: Guess the Movie. I’m a budding movie star, and while the roles I play in movies are pretty much just cameos, I still consider them as airtime. I’ve been in a lot of popular movies this way, actually. So, for the first one, look at the picture below and guess which movie I was in. You probably missed it because my scene really only lasted a quick nanosecond.

Don’t worry, they used a green screen!

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