Responsible Sookie

On Saturday, Auntie Inah, Uncle Jimmy, and Auntie Abby came over to visit. I was really excited to see them again after 100 long years, or was it only a month?

Anyway, unbeknownst to my cute self, Auntie Inah also brought my cousin, Mikasa.

You know, I’m a reasonable doggie. I just need some sort of notice that I will be babysitting a toddler, and I’ll totally be down for it. Just a little heads up, you know?

I'm watching you, kid.
I’m watching you, kid.

But of course, the humans decided to go get “hammered” (what does that even mean?) because their friend is celebrating his 25th birthday at a bar, and subsequently just dumped Mikasa on me.

That coat is adorable though.
That coat is adorable though.

Okay, I know, I know, she’s cute, and my entire family runs on the cuteness genes, but sometimes she can so annoying.

Being the older one, I really should have been more understanding, but I really did get my work cut out for me!

Mikasa’s infractions:

  • She drank from MY water bowl.
  • She kept jumping up on the coffee table.
  • She pooped on my favourite rug.
  • She stole all the attention away from me!
Way too close for comfort, my little cousin.
Way too close for comfort, my little cousin.

Well, you know it wasn’t that bad. She is my cousin after all and I need to look out for her. I just can’t wait until she leaves puppyhood and gains a bit of sense to her. But then again, after puppyhood, it’s the teenage years and that’s just as bad!

Behave, Mikasa. Behave.
Behave, Mikasa. Behave.

Whew. My house is nice and quiet again, and I get to have mommy and daddy all to myself.

It was a lot of hard work, but I did a great job!

Next time Mikasa is over, I will definitely be better equipped to handle her and her shenanigans.


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