Dear Sookie: Be My Valentine

Dear Sassy,
I am Lexi the schnauzer, looking for some love advice. I have accepted an invitation to be the valentine of a schnoodle I met on-line. Ours would be fated to be an on-line romance, since he lives two states away. He seems to be of upstanding character and lots of fun, and he seems to be very enamored of me. First, since I have only been corresponding with him through his blog for less than a month, do you think he will think I am easy, since I said yes so quickly? And what are our chances for true love, living so far apart?
Any advice you have will be appreciated.


Hold up, hold up, hold up, girl. Don’t even for a second think that this schnoodle will think you’re “easy”. That’s a negative way of looking at it. Let me tell you why there’s no use thinking this way.

First of all, you two have already been corresponding online for some time and it looks like he is a decent fella. He’s asked you to be his valentine, and it looks like you’ve given it some thought, so there’s no harm in saying “yes”. It’s just for Valentines Day. He didn’t ask you to shack up and start producing litters. And girl, you can have as many valentines as you want! But if this schnoodle is the only one you want, that’s fine too. Just make sure he knows being your valentine is a prestigious honour and he doesn’t forget to send you treats on the 14th.

As for your second question, about true love from a distance, well, let me tell you what I know about that. I think it is possible, however, personally, I would like my Soul Mate to be right next to me, ready to give me massages and kisses. Two states seem like a far distance, but with grit and determination, you can make it work!

Good luck, and Happy Valentines Day to you!

Sookie Magnum


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