Fire Alarm Frenzy

A chihuahua has no business being outside in negative 20 weather!
A chihuahua has no business being outside in negative 20 weather!

What a conundrum!

Mommy and daddy were in a middle of a game of cribbage (mommy was winning, for the inquiring minds out there) when all of a sudden, loud and piercing beeps came out of the ceiling.

I froze for a second. I remembered hearing the same thing at mommy’s old place. It was loud and it hurt my ears. We had to get out of the apartment in the cold and I didn’t know what was happening.

The beeps continued and I panicked so I started barking. Loud.

Mommy and daddy looked at each other and decided it would be the best decision to get their coats and go downstairs to find out what was happening.

They put a coat on me as well. I was shaking. I was scared. I was cold.

When we got downstairs there were big, big trucks with sirens and bright lights.

Mommy told me not to worry, and that the fire alarm was triggered, and we’re not even sure if there’s a real fire or not.

You know, I really try to be a brave dog, but all that time I just couldn’t stop shaking.

It seemed like we were waiting outside for a long time before the men in the funny yellow hats told everyone that there was no fire and that it was safe to go back in.

So it was a false alarm!

But I will never forget it. I’m just glad it happened when everyone was in the apartment. Can you imagine if it had just been me? Or just mommy? Or just daddy? I would be so scared!

I really hope it doesn’t happen again!


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