Daddy Saves The Day

That tire is flat, flat, flat.
That tire is flat, flat, flat.

So last week, a day before mommy and daddy are supposed to drive to London, they discovered that the car had a flat tire.

It was such a commotion. They were going to get me some food from my favourite pet store, Pet Social. Mommy used to live close to there, but now that we’re living in a different part of the city, we have to drive there.

Anyway, I felt really guilty about the whole thing, but daddy said it was a blessing in disguise because it was a good thing it happened then. The next day was Sunday and he said all the garages would be closed and we wouldn’t have ended up going to London.

Anyway, daddy was a bit miffed, but he was a good sport and ended up saving the day.

He put on a “doughnut” on the car and mommy took me back to our place. At first I didn’t know what was going on and mommy kept saying “doughnut” so not only was I cranky, I was hungry too.

Anyway, the humans went to the garage, and after two hours they were back with dog food, duck wings and bully sticks for me!

I have to stay, the wait was worth it!

Best garage ever!
Best garage ever!

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