Cheers to the Weekend

Up to no good!
Up to no good!

I really hope the snow melts away and my humans can finally take me to the dog park again. They’re tried, but I’m really fussy about the snow. I will not move a muscle if it is anywhere around me.

Mommy hasn’t said anything about what we’re doing this weekend. I think it will mostly be spent staying in.

I really wish they take me to grandma’s so I can play with my cousin Mikasa.

If that doesn’t happen, there’s always cooking to look forward to…and the crumbs daddy leaves behind on the floor. We do have an unspoken pact he’ll always drop something for me, but mommy doesn’t know so I have to play it cool. I can’t be hovering around the kitchen, otherwise mommy will find out for sure!

Toronto is cold, cold cold. It’s sunny out but the wind is a killer.

Stay warm, my friends. Drink some hot chocolate, as humans are ought to do.

As for my canine friends, the quest to acquire treats continues!


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