Sookie the Fashionista: UNIQLO

Can't touch this.
Can’t touch this.

It’s been a long time coming, my furry friends (both with canine and human inclinations), but UNIQLO is coming to Toronto!

*does the happy lion dance*

MUJI just moved in at the Atrium last November and now we’re getting another popular Japanese brand, UNIQLO. I’m super excited even though we have to wait almost 2 years until their expected arrival in Fall 2016. They will be settling in at the Eaton Centre and at Yorkdale Mall.

I live two blocks away from the Eaton Centre and even though I’ve actually never set foot in there, I’m glad for mommy and daddy who both love the brand.

Okay, SUPERDRY, the pressure is on you now!

Does anybody know if the brands mentioned above sell doggie clothes? I could use some minimalist outfits right now. Mommy has the WORST taste in canine fashion.


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