TBT: Bath Time

Look at Puppy Me. How embarrassing!
Look at Puppy Me. How embarrassing!

One of my great qualities is my tolerance to baths. I say it’s a great quality, because most Chihuahuas are quite averse to getting wet. I don’t know how other breeds react to getting baths, but mommy’s had another Chihuahua before and she told me she wasn’t the biggest fan of bath time.

The first time mommy gave me a bath, I have to admit I was a little bit cautious. God knows what could happen to my shiny fur if it got wet. I’ve spent way too much time grooming myself to let something as trivial as water to ruin everything.

Well, I was pretty silly for being nervous because, get this, the whole purpose of the bath was so that my fur would remain fluffy and shiny. This totally blew my mind and I eased into being rubbed down by mommy’s gentle fingers. She used Pet Head shampoo, which she assured me was one of the best products out there. We’re using a different shampoo now, but I’ll have to get back to you because I don’t remember the name.

Anyhow, the event went without too much difficulty, except when it was time for drying up and I shook little droplets of water all over mommy. Heh. It was her fault for wearing nice clothes while bathing me. But she definitely learnt her lesson!


2 thoughts on “TBT: Bath Time

  1. My mom is planning on bathing me this weekend – I can’t remember if I have ever had one before (my memory is slipping; I am after all 10 years old!) – I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’ll try not to bite my mom!


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