Introducing: Sookie Cooks

Cooking scrumptious meals since 2012!
Cooking scrumptious meals since 2012!

Mommy and daddy have started cooking fun meals on the weekend, and I’ve decided that I’m going to help them out. So every Tuesday, you will read about my adventures in the kitchen, and what kind of yummy meals the humans have concocted.

Last weekend, daddy’s brother and his girlfriend came over (Hello Uncle Al and Auntie Ash!) so there was definitely a lot more traffic in my apartment. I think I behaved fairly well considering I get claustrophobic sometimes. Anyway, on  Saturday night daddy and uncle made a seafood dinner. They had bought too much squid, and mommy had the most brilliant idea of making Squid Three-ways!


  1. Squid Salad (spinach, arugula, mango and goat cheese)
  2. Deep fried squid
  3. Seared squid on the Himalayan salt block

Daddy and Uncle were such good cooks, they even let me help taste-test the food! In all honestly, I’m not a fan of the squid, but don’t tell them that. I really liked the mango bits though!

Everyone was raving about the salad. The ingredients were a perfect combination. I think it would be even tastier in the summer, paired with a refreshing lemonade.


Wait – it’s not over yet! They also cooked mussels! They were so good according to mommy. I’m miffed because I wasn’t allowed to have any of the mussels. Anyway, apparently the salt block was the superstar of the night because everyone was crowding around it and oohing and ahhing. I felt a little bit jealous, but the attention was back on me shortly after.


I really enjoyed helping out with dinner and I can’t wait for next weekend. We will be in London, but daddy will definitely conjure something up – perhaps inspired by some local flavour.


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