Bully Stick Mania

Nothing gets between me and my bully stick.
Nothing gets between me and my bully stick.

Bully sticks get so much flack for being a little bit stinky, but they are a natural product (yes, it’s made from bull pizzle!), they are great for teeth, and above all, they are so tasty. I swear, when I have my paws on a bully stick, it’s like the world stops turning and everything ceases to exist except for my precious treat. I’ve had rawhide sticks before but mommy was worried they might come apart and cause intestinal blockages, so she switched me to bully sticks, and I have to say it was the best decision she’s made so far. The only thing that mommy is annoyed with is that the bully sticks are a bit smelly and they don’t last very long. They are high in fat, but that’s not really a problem for me because I have an excellent raw-based diet and it’s not like I snack on bully sticks 24/7. Anyway, we’ve run out of bully sticks so I’ve been bugging mommy so she can run out and get some for me. She’s the best and I really appreciate that she spoils me with bully sticks even though she’s pretty strict with my diet – I’m not allowed scraps at the table at all! I’m not happy about that because mommy and daddy eat a lot of really yummy smelling food. Oh well, as long as I get my bully sticks I’m one happy camper.


2 thoughts on “Bully Stick Mania

  1. I have never heard of bully sticks! Where do you get them? also, what is your raw-based diet. Lady is 10 years old and I want her to have a really healthy diet so she can live a long time.


    1. Most pet stores carry them – they’re similar to rawhide, rawhide is made from the skin and bully sticks are made from pizzle. My raw-based diet includes raw chicken, fish, beef and also includes dehydrated raw commercial food (Stella and Chewy).


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