Stellar Grooming

Not a perfect angel, but I'm on my way there!
Not a perfect angel, but I’m on my way there!

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved to our current home. 6 months of going back to my old groomer, who’s fantastic, but is just too far from where we live, and trying to find new groomers in the new area proved to be quite challenging.

Online reviews are supposed to help your average consumer make a decision, but in my case, it only made the task all the more difficult. For every good review online, there’s a couple more cursing the place to damnation; for every bad review, there’s two glowing recommendations.

So, we tried out a place that, despite the long conversation with the groomer saying that she wouldn’t charge us for a full groom because we only wanted a trim/cleanup, actually gave me something similar to my summer haircut – that is, short, really short. The groomer didn’t charge us for a full groom, but had completely disregarded what I wanted. Also, the next time we went there, I got a little feisty with the cashier’s fingers…

Anyway, finally, mommy and daddy were able to take me to a groomer we all really liked. Before they were able to book an appointment for me though, apparently I had to be taken to the vet because they only offer grooming to the clinic clients, which was fine because of a certain parasite issue that I’d really prefer not to discuss.

So, mommy dropped me first thing in the morning on Monday. I thought I was only going in for a grooming, but she told me I’d be staying in the daycare all day as well. What a shock! I was tricked. So I did what I do best: I gave her the silent treatment. I didn’t bark. I didn’t put up a fuss. I just stared at her silently as she walked away.

When she came back at 4 p.m., I couldn’t keep up with the silent treatment anymore, so I let it all out and jumped all over her.

She gave me a nice treat when we got home and then another one when she read the Grooming Report.

So, I wasn’t a perfect angel, but mommy said I’ve always been good at baths and even though I get quite aggressive when nail clippers are involved, overall, I am a good dog!


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