Dear Sookie

Sookie-chan's Advice Column
Jazz, cats, alternate realities – just a few things Mr. Haruki Murakami and I have in common. Except for cats. They’re alright, but I’m not about to BFF one.

A couple of days ago, a shriek coming from mommy caught me by surprise – okay, I’m lying because for some reason, she has a penchant for shrieking at everything. So please, don’t make any sudden movements around her, she’ll yelp and accuse you of doing it on purpose.

Anyway, apparently Haruki Murakami is writing an advice column. There’s supposed to be a website called Mr. Murakami’s Place (Murakami-san no tokoro) and he will be answering “questions of any kind” on it. We don’t know the actual URL of the website, but mommy is already writing a list of the all the questions she wants to ask him.

As for me, well, I’m a skeptical creature, so I’ll lay low…and instead, write an advice column of my own.

So, go ahead, my faithful readers, send a question and I will answer with honesty, sincerity, and a whole lot of sass.


3 thoughts on “Dear Sookie

  1. Dear Sassy,
    I am Lexi the schnauzer, looking for some love advice. I have accepted an invitation to be the valentine of a schnoodle I met on-line. Ours would be fated to be an on-line romance, since he lives two states away. He seems to be of upstanding character and lots of fun, and he seems to be very enamored of me. First, since I have only been corresponding with him through his blog for less than a month, do you think he will think I am easy, since I said yes so quickly? And what are our chances for true love, living so far apart?
    Any advice you have will be appreciated.


  2. Well Sookie, if you change your mind about “BFF’ing” a cat, I’m available! I have lots of woofie buddies who visit my blog and some of them I’d consider to be BFFs…. As for needing advice, I’m wondering is it appropriate for me at age 15 to be dating a girl cat who’s only TWO? Maybe it’s a little too young?? I don’t want to have anyone laughing at us at the upcoming Valentine’s Dance we’re attending…..thoughts?

    Your Possible New BFF, Sammy

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