TBT: Stairs

Natural Born Athlete
Natural Born Athlete

Let me take you back many, many moons ago – let’s say about three years’ worth of moons.

I was but a wee baby when mommy adopted me. She took me home to her apartment. After I was given a clean bill of health by the very friendly local vet, I was allowed to finally visit with mommy’s friends and family.

One of her friends lived in a bungalow and upon entry to their house; I was surprised by a small set of stairs. Mommy looked at me and beamed – she knew it was an easy challenge for me.

Well, I wouldn’t say I disappointed her, but I did take my time to scale those steps – all six of them!

But that was three years ago, and now I am a Stair Master, a Master Climber, an Expert Scaler.

Give me stairs and I will run circles around you. Give me steps and you’ll be panting way before I’d need a second to rest.


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