Happy Doggie

I miss the sun!
I miss the sun!

Can I move to Fiji already?

Not only was Fiji the happiest country in 2014, it also has warm and temperate weather perfect for a dog like me.

I was born in Canada and I love it here because I have friends here and my family lives here as well…but this morning it was negative 12 degrees Celsius and boy, do I wish I was swimming in the Pacific Ocean instead – okay, I’m not that athletic. What I’m really trying to say is that I wish I was on a beach somewhere working on my tan and sipping on coconut water.

But, this is what I have.


I pretty much already won the Most Upbeat, Most Optimistic, and Happiest Dog Awards last year living in Toronto – can you imagine if I was in Fiji? If Fiji is the happiest country of all, I would definitely flourish there. I would infect everyone with my contagious positive outlook on life, even my daddy (whom I assume will be living in Fiji with me) who at times was very frustrated when he came home to find a couple accidents of mine (oops!).

Well, I have years and years and endless time to move to Fiji. I kinda like Toronto, so I’ll stick around and complain about the weather some more.


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