Grumpy Tree Dog

You got your shot, now take me down!
You got your shot, now take me down!

On Saturday, a ragtag team of my mommy’s friends and family came over to help pick out a tree and decorate our loft with glitter, string lights and silver ribbons.
I got left behind to my own devices while they went to Metro to pick out a small tree, with a promise to bring back something nice for me.

True to her word, my mommy got me a necklace (she said it’s a human bracelet) but kept it under wraps, putting it in my stocking. I really wanted to see it but I suppose she did have a point. I would much rather open everything in my stocking all at once. That’s the spirit of Christmas!

Anyway, the day went by peacefully until our guests left and the parents thought it would be a good idea to put me on the table where the tree is. That table is about a foot, maybe two feet or so above the ground and maybe they haven’t tried being so high up before, but it scared the bejesus out of me. Take a look at the photo again and witness pure terror.

One day, I swear, I’ll put them right in their place. For now, I continue to be a good girl for Santa’s Good Doggies List.


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