Winter Is Coming


According to a TV show my mom likes to watch, winter is coming. She may enjoy watching a show whose premise is that it’s always cold, but that doesn’t give her the right to brandish me with these god-awful rubber boots that are supposed to not only prevent me from slipping on the icy sidewalks, but keep my paws warm and free of frostbite as well. According to her.

Well, I’ll tell you what they are. They’re dorky as hell and there is no way I would be seen wearing them out in public. If it snows for weeks and the sidewalks are slushy, I am staying in and staying put. My dogfolk originated from Mexico. Sure, I was born on a farm in Barrie, but my natural instinct is to dig holes in the ground and stay warm. Not that I would ever do that. Dirt, mud, and slush are my Top Three No-Nos.

Anyway, I had a hard time walking in the boots, and my parents had the audacity to film me making a mockery out of myself. Just so you know, that video will never see the light of day. Although I have a feeling they’re already shown their friends and probably the Internet, so it might already be floating around somewhere.

After they filmed me I kind of just gave up and flopped down on the floor and didn’t move until mommy had to coax me with a treat.

And that’s how it’s done, folks!


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